A TimeBank is a modern system of exchange where members pool their skills, talents and passions and exchange them for the currency of time: One hour = one time-credit no matter the service, it’s not volunteering and it’s not bartering.

Timebanking can enable individuals and entire communities to be more resilient and self-sufficient, by offering new ways of thinking and valuing time, wealth, and community.

Timebanking Core Values:

  • We all have something to offer. In our “sharing economy” we value everyone’s time equally. Equality helps us build strong relationships.
  • We redefine work. We value work that the market doesn’t. We honor, recognize and reward work that benefits our community, such as raising healthy children, revitalizing neighborhoods, living sustainably, and fostering social justice.
  • Reciprocity: Helping is a two way street. The question: “How can I help you?” needs to change so we ask: “How can we help each other build the world we all want to live in?”
  • We need each other. Alone, we are limited in what we can achieve. When we help each other, we reweave communities of support, strength, and trust. Community is built upon sinking roots, creating special relationships that are built on commitment, and that lead to action.
  • Every human being matters. We respect where people are now, in this moment. Everyone matters, everyone has something to offer, and everyone has unmet needs. When respect is denied to anyone, we all suffer.

Here is a list of resources where you can learn more about Timebanking and the Gift Economy.

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Edgar Cahn, author of No More Throw Away People (hOUR Bloomington has a couple of copies of the book which we can lend to TimeBank members)

The Gift Economy and the Commons – A conversation between James Quilligan and Charles Eisenstein