In order to become a member of hOUR Bloomington TimeBank, you must attend a TimeBank Orientation and complete an application form.

Why TimeBank Orientations? Because hOUR Bloomington TimeBank is committed to creating a network of individuals that support and empower each other, it is very important for us to meet new applicants before they become members of the TimeBank. For this reason, we ask applicants to come to an Orientation session, which is facilitated by some of our TimeBank members. During the Orientation, applicants learn about our core values and meet some of the TimeBank members. After that, applicants are guided through the process of creating their account, managing their account settings, and navigating the website, so that they can log hours and view member’s offersrequests, with ease.

Coming to an Orientation does not mean that you are committing to join the TimeBank. Nonetheless, it is a great opportunity for you to know more about this alternative economy, and for us to spread the word and get to know you!

You can find the schedule of the upcoming Orientations at our Events Calendar page and you can also sign up for an Orientation at our TimeBank Orientation sign-up tab. Signing up for an orientation is not a requirement: everyone is most welcome to just show up and stay for as long as they want. The sign-up sheet just helps us know how many people we can expect and it provides a space for people to give us feedback about when to schedule future orientations.

If you don’t have access to the internet or a computer, call us and leave a message at (812) 955-0560. Please leave your name, contact information, and the hours of the day in which you would prefer us to contact you (for example: if you need help creating your TimeBank account).