We are a community that works with an alternative currency: we exchange time and talents, instead of money.

How does it work? Help someone. Earn the time-credits equivalent to the time you spent providing the service. Then, exchange your banked time with someone who can do something for you.

We exchange services such as gardening help, house and/or pet sitting, lessons, companionship, transportation, advice with legal documents, etc. There is a wide range of offers and requests posted on a regular basis, and you can see some of the services that are posted at this moment here. The possibilities are unlimited, as long as you are willing to share your time with the community!

Hours may also be exchanged for group and community projects – either donating hours to a project or earning hours volunteering time for a project.

How do we keep track of everything? We use a software developed by hourworld.org, where we can log exchanges: time-credits earned and spent. The software also helps us track and organize all the services that our community members are offering and requesting, making it easy for us to look-up or post a service. Every member of the TimeBank gets an account for free.

What does hOUR Bloomington TimeBank provide to it’s members? We organize events, potlucks, and projects, to build networks and have fun. We spread the word, organize New Member Orientations, and provide training for members to learn how to use the TimeBank software. We aim to work with members and organizations, to pursue new possibilities.

We’re also developing a member-run offline-system called Time Travelers; TimeBank members who help off-line users to track their hours get compensated for this service. If you don’t have access to internet or a computer, you can still join the TimeBank by signing up for the Time Travelers system.
To sign up for the Time Travelers system, call us and leave a message at (812) 955-0560. Please leave your name, contact information, and the hours of the day in which you would prefer us to contact you.